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Video: Heavily Dependent

heavily dependent
Video for the track Heavily Dependent

Promotional video done in a quite experimental and rampant manner featuring the track “Heavily Dependent” from the release Heart.

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Video: An audio-visual collaboration

video: an audiovisual collaboration
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A video montage of a performance in Ha­gen, Ger­many, Sum­mer 2006, ac­com­pa­nied by the ex­per­i­men­tal silent movies of Telemach Wiesinger.

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A home story from the redundant studios

live at at the redundant studio
The redundant rocker performs at his redundant studio, formerly known as studioflokati

A quite extensive feature that has been aired by a local internet TV-station in October 2010, including a presentation of the video of the alleged hit-single “We are not afraid” and a verbose interview part.

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