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Fancy studio pics

I find myself wondering if some photos of my studio with stacked synthesizers and so on would stir some interest. I am afraid that I’d be very desperate already…

Eno, Fripp and Bowie at the Hansastudios, Berlin
Eno, Fripp and Bowie at the Hansastudios, Berlin

However, my solo release Heart was done with lots of hot steamin’ synthesizers and outboard gear for instance. The whole sound was then run through a vintage sound desk that was actually also used before by the likes of David Bowie and Brian Eno during their legendary sessions in the Hansa Studios.

Very likely to the release Moiré that was recorded by the heavily use of Ian Boddy’s huge analogue synthesizer cabinet by Doepfer and Roland, amongst other very cool stuff that was to be found in his and my studio then.

Finally my personal interest is more focused on the actual output; the music or the art, respectively. Or would you still recommend to put some fancy studio pics up to my website?

All DiN titles now available from Bandcamp

Ian Boddy's DiN

The entire DiN & DDL catalogues are now available to download from Bandcamp. There is a choice of formats available including 320K MP3, FLAC, AAC & ALAC. Furthermore all tracks can be auditioned in full. You can also buy a physical CD (where available) from the regular DiN store shopping cart hosted by CCNow.

Bandcamp will allow DiN to run promotional campaigns and free downloadable content so check back on a regular basis for news of these forthcoming activities.

UNTIGHT is looking for concert bookings

UNTIGHT - Live at Theaterkapelle, BerlinUNTHIGHT is the recently founded Electronica-Rock-Improv-Trio of Alex Dowerk (D, touch guitar), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (D, synths) and Tobias Reber (CH, electronics).

UNTHIGHT shamelessly mingle elements reminiscent of free improv styles, rock, electronica and ambient and like to surprise themselves as much as their audience.

For booking requests please just drop us a line.

UNTIGHT - Live at Theaterkapelle, Berlin
UNTIGHT - Live at Theaterkapelle, Berlin

The musicians and their untourage considered their first concert in May 2011  – to be such big a musical success that they released the concert recording in its entirety as a download:

“Live at Theaterkapelle” – Reviews:

“Two extensive tracks weave throught a number of styles including ambient, psychedelia, punk, noise and quite possibly a few in between… a fascinating dialogue of music.”
Whatever Takes Your Fancy

“… a really interesting performance  of some great abstract music… very good stuff.”
Adam A. Williams

“…a spin-off of the critically acclaimed electronic-experimental-avantgarde band Centrozoon.”
2 / 3 a.m