Where it all began

What on Earth is the Warb Gurt?

Blurbs (because blurbs are cool)

“The Redundant Rocker is a quasi-fictional Minnesinger who participated in the Minstrel Contest on the Warb Gurt. Historically, his biography is obscure beyond the poetry.” – Prof. Gottfrieda von Eschenbach

“You, my friend, are a true renaissance man.” – Anonymous (name on file for blackmail purposes)

“I once tried Collider in the session music rotation in my nationwide franchise of S/M studios. It didn’t work; my clients loved it too much and were way too relaxed for my taste. All in all, my revenue dropped by a whopping 47%. If I ever get ahold of this guy…” – Lady Chantal

“The mysterious Redundant Rocker appears from time to time out of dark side streets and lets his subversive rock sounds ooze out into the mainstream, slowly shifting the masses perception of music. His movements tremble the synthetic city, leaving a trail of purple and orange light which fades quickly into the haze.” – President Fergus mac Léite (Elbonia, PA Kennel Club)

“He is chiefly known by a novel of the same name. The novel also contained the symbol of the heart which became a key symbol for the latest release Heart.” – Progs von Dön

“Bla bla bla.” – Pope Owen I., Australian Orthodox Catholic Church (somewhat profit-oriented)

About the Redundant Rocker

The alter ego The Redundant Rocker was created around 2002, and it finally established itself with the release of “Collider“. Since then, the monicker somehow co-existed with and influenced Bernhard’s other diverse projects; the realm of The Redundant Rocker and all the rest (which actually don’t have dedicated names) just mutually enhanced each other, there is no cusp between his projects, and you may find Redundant Rocker music under the names “Bernhard” and “Bernhard Wöstheinrich” as well, and the other way around.

The name The Redundant Rocker ironically alludes to a certain kind of replaceability in modern art and music: with today’s technology, anyone could easily be replaced with a drum (or coffee) machine.

The person behind The Redundant Rocker, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, is a composer, painter, graphic designer, performer, small town bohemian, failed control freak, and, finally, even a record label owner in Germany. His projects and albums have been released on a variety of labels and span different fields of electronic and ambient music.

A Quantum History

Bernhard started in about 1987 to intensely experiment with his own sounds and tunes after he found out that drawing and painting simply weren’t enough to adequately express himself. He went about to find something that might had a more “performing” approach. Inspired by the likes of Einstürzende Neubauten and other informal and experimental music, he finally began to work in a very personal way to compose and record some early tapes. The rest, as they say, is history.


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